A contact form plugin is really a part and parcel for your WordPress site. It allows you to direct the emails to proper section for response. An excellent contact form can help to grow your business with convenience. In this article, we listed best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress below.

Let’s Review 5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress


1. WPForms Reviews

WPForms is at top of our wordpress form plugin review. a powerful and beginner friendly popular wordpress contact form plugin. It is a feature rich plugin with numerous pre-built wordpress form templates that allows you to create your desire form. It provides you with simple and clear user interface.

The drag and drop form builder allows you to speed up the process even more. That’s why its one of the best form plugin wordpress. You can use the instant notification and intelligent geolocation data for your users. This plugin makes all forms really responsive and mobile friendly. WPForms has some great add-ons for greater flexibility and simplicity for your website.

WPForms Lite is a free version that you can install on different sites as you desire. This free version includes various features like basic form fields, email notifications, spam blocking, integrated email marketing services. They offer premium plans that enables your site to be more effective, capable and convenient for your users. That’s the reason we do WPForms reviews.

You can view all the leads in one page to enhance your workflow that make it as best wordpress form plugin. You can make subscription forms and connect it easily with your email marketing service. Collection of payment donations and online orders are easiest ever with WPForms. You don’t need to hire a web developer for it. That’s why wp forms is best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

That’s all about WPForms reviews. Get Wp forms now. 


2. Gravity Forms review

From our review Gravity Forms is most popular & one of the best contact form wordpress plugin which is a premium contact form that provides you with a lot of advanced and professional features. It provides customers with the best and feasible third party integration. That’s why gravity forms is best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

Multiple add-on features help to create powerful and excellent content, quizzes, surveys and bring perfection on your website. Advanced fields in gravity forms can be used for paragraph fields, drop down boxes and radio buttons. For these reason Gravity form becomes best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

Premium support options assist you to get the ultimate customization experience. If you want to use a contact form plugging on multiple websites, it should be a right choice with 30 day risk free guarantee, this is the reason to consider this as best wordpress form plugin on our review.

That’s all about Gravity Forms reviews. Get gravity forms now.


3. ninja forms review

Ninja Forms is a super simple & one of the best wordpress contact form plugin for WordPress. It can be built with your desired features by using tons of add-ons and be made really interactive.

It offers you with eye-catching WordPress forms without any help of web designers. Exporting submission as PDFs, Google Sheets or other files becomes super easy and hustle free with Ninja-Forms. Premium plugin allows you with extended functionality and provides services like Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, notifications, AWever etc. these are the reasons why ninja form is one of the best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

The basic plugin for Ninja-Forms is totally free for users. So, you can install it on multiple websites without any cost.

That’s all about ninja forms review. Get Ninja Forms now.


4. Contact form 7 reviews

Contact form 7 is the oldest and popular and best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress,  as one of the oldest contact form plugins and free of cost. It’s one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins that offers simply outstanding contact form with reliability.

We can also integrate mailchimp as Contact form 7 mailchimp addons also available. That’s whey many people love to use contact form 7 wordpress plugin.


Contact form 7 is easy popular wordpress contact form plugin for wordpress. You can customize multiple contact forms and set them on your side within a few seconds. It can be made more extensive by installing third party plugin which work as add-ons. That’s why contact form 7 is one of the best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress. It allows you to convert the mail contents into your preferable forms. Spam filtering in contact form 7 allows you important messages and notifications comes first. For all of these reason we do Contact form 7 reviews.

That’s all about Contact form 7 Reviews. Get Contact form 7 now.


5. Formidable forms review

Formidable forms is a one of the best wordpress form plugin which is versatile contact form plugin which convert your forms into powerful, data-driven applications in no time. They help developers with bigger projects to complete the forms quickly and precisely whether it is a simple form or complex multi-page forms, you can build them with powerful add-ons.

You can get your contact forms using simple steps and make them attractive without any difficulty. That’s why formidable forms review is in our blog. That’s why this is one of the best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

You can transform your entries into calendars, lists, guidelines and front-end content and get integrated views. It helps to create advance form of surveys, online estimates, product options, profile fonts, payment fonts and more. That’s why Formidable forms is best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress. It provides you with conditional logic, advanced calculations, file uploads, repeater fields etc based on user behavior, for these Formidable form is one of the best contact form wordpress.

If you are looking for the most extendable form solution, you use this versatile one without any doubt. For all of the features this becomes best form plugin wordpress.

That’s all about Formidable forms review. Get Formidable forms now.


These is the wordpress form plugin review from our end and we reviewed 5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress and lots of new plugins are coming and surely they will become best wordpress form plugin in future, then we will add them in our best contact form wordpress list. We also have reviewed Top 5 Multipurpose WordPress themes. and also we reviewed best ecommerce payment gateway.


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