Keap is the Most growing ecommerce platform, helps you to get well organize and grow your business. You can step up to all in one marketing and sales software designed for service oriented businesses. This platform gives shape to your customer’s information and daily task in a central point. We will do honest Keap review in this blog.

Manages contacts : Most growing ecommerce platform 2021

Keap Review: Most growing ecommerce platform 2021

You get the ability to manage your clients and your contacts. With one central portal, you are able to make contact notes, calendar notes and follow-up appointments. You can send emails, tag them in and put them into different categories of clients. All information is saved in contact history and it automatically tracks everything for you and store permanently so that you can follow up according to the need. You can also add additional users to keap account.Most growing ecommerce platform 2021


Manages sales pipeline

You can get access to a sales pipeline manager through keap. You become able to take new leads and prospects whether by entering manually or from your own website. As they come in automatically, it’s easy to move your prospects into a sales pipeline and customize accordingly. So you can become unique and more sophisticated. We will doing honest Keap review in this blog.

Utilizes email marketing:

 you can send broadcast emails and communicate with client in email notes just by pulling up the contact record and send them easily. Email is undoubtedly a big feature in this CRM system.

Builds campaigns:

 If you have a series of tasks to automate by sending email, links, videos, PDFs or any other documents that you want to send to prospects, clients or referral partners. You can set up a campaign with anybody in your contact database. It is a structured sequence of events that will take place automatically.

Automates emails:

Tasks like delivery of documents, training materials to any of your clients are done automatically. It’s easier and more efficient also for your clients to get a piece of information immediately by clicking on links on your website. Hope you are enjoying Keap review, Most growing ecommerce platform 2021


Functionalizes calendar and appointment scheduling:

Keap Review: Most growing ecommerce platform 2021

A built in calendar is available in the software. On the appointment option, you can set up multiple booking links. Now you can use these links to send people via email and send them notification to book an appointment. Hope you are enjoying Keap review, Most growing ecommerce platform.

Pricing: It comes in 3 packages. ‘Keap Grow’ starts from $56 per month, ‘Keap Pro’ from $105, ‘Infusionsoft’ from $140. First two packages contain free trials. Hope you like our honest Keap review in this blog.

Most growing ecommerce platform 2021


  • Pipeline for increasing sales flow
  • Automated email marketing
  • Customer and campaign management
  • Custom fields are robust
  • Email and campaign builders are simple and easy to use



  • File size is limited for sending
  • Lead source tracking is not well
  • The form builder is not up to the mark/ quite lacking
  • Not easy to learn
  • Reporting is not much useful

Hope you like our honest Keap review in this blog.


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