Among the most powerful Shopify page builders available,  PageFly is one of the best, with a really easy-to-use drag and drop. Besides ensuring a perfect page speed, they offer you super flexible customization of more than 50 elements that you can use to build or design any kind of pages you like, from the home page to the product page.

Also, you can save your favorite designs to use on the other pages anytime! So, in this article, I am going to go over a complete PageFly review so that you can know everything about this amazing page builder.

You can easily find the PageFly app on the Shopify app store, which is the most trusted source out there. If you go to the Store Design Page Builders category, PageFly is the number one option there.

Premium Shopify Themes are pretty expensive.

Whenever you need extra features for your Shopify store, in most cases, I mean buying the premium themes. However, if you check their prices, most of them are quite expensive and cost around $80-$200. Although you can’t really complain about the services, some people still think that they should reconsider their pricing according to the PageFly review.

Fortunately, PageFly has considered this issue and lets you enjoy the most amazing eCommerce page builder features within a cheaper price range!


Page Customization With PageFly

When it comes to giving your business a professional yet stunning look, Shopify page builder, PageFly barely has any competitors. Their wide variety of customization options lets you design each and every page of your website in any way you like! In this part of the PageFly review, I am going to talk about some of the page customizations features PagFly offer to its customers.  Hope you like our honest review on pagefly review.

  • From pagefly dashboard click “create page” 


  • There are six page types to choose from. Regular page is called “Landing Page”, “Home Pages”, “Collection Pages”, “Product Page”, “Blog Posts”. Choose one


  • Choose Blank to start from scratch. Or choose a template to customize that


Landing Page Features: 

pagefly review

With shopify page builder PageFly, designing high converting landing pages can be done within just a few minutes! The easy drag and drop options allow you to make the perfect design even without any coding skill!

Additionally, you can optimize the landing pages with some really powerful tools and create eye-catching slideshows, pop-ups, and many more that will make the buyer’s decisions easier. If you follow this PageFly review, it also lets you monitor your customer’s behaviors with real-time Google analytics functions.

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the drag and drop options, you can also make your custom designs with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.


Product Page Features: 

pagefly review

Besides using drag and drop or building custom designs with JavaScript and CSS, shopify page builder PageFly helps you with skyrocket conversions through third-party apps like RECharge, Loox, Judgeme, and many more.

They offer a logical dashboard set-up so that you can handle all of your customized pages easily, according to most PageFly reviews. Also, you don’t have to create the same page several times; rather, PageFly saves the template for you to use later!

Furthermore, the export and import options help you to save and keep track of your projects on any platform!

PageFly Pricing

pagefly review

According to this PageFly review, PageFly has pricing plans for both paid and free subscriptions. The lowest pricing on the paid version is $19.00 per month that goes up to $99.00 per month. However, due to this pandemic situation, you can get up to 50% off!

The higher you go in the plan, the more features you will get. But if you are just a beginner, the free plan can be the better choice to practice more. Also, if you don’t need the premium features anymore, you can cancel the subscription anytime, but the pages will still work perfectly.


PageFly solves the challenge of building eCommerce pages

pagefly review

The home page, collection age, product page, and the coming soon page, which is known as the password page in Shopify, are some of the most common pages used to create an eCommerce website. Contact us, or the landing page is also there. In this PageFly review, I am going to talk about the problems PageFly has solved for eCommerce pages.

There was once a time when the developers had to go through the whole coding procedure to create a perfect eCommerce website that will drive thousands of customers. But now, PageFly has made all of this so much easier that you don’t need to worry about anything as a merchant. You just download the app and start designing in the way you wish!

Also, the payment methods were also a blunder in the early days, and the merchants had to go through a lot of headaches to find the perfect solution. But thanks to PageFly, payment options have become easier than ever!


It looks nice on the desktop. How about the mobile layout? 

Due to these recent technological advancements, most customers prefer to check for their desired products by mobile phone rather than desktop. So, whenever you are making an eCommerce website, you will have to make sure that it works perfectly on mobile phones as well because that will drive you the most traffic. Luckily, shopify page builder PageFly offers total mobile optimization so that your users can easily view your products and offers from their phones as they can see from the desktop. Hope you like our honest review on pagefly review.

So, let’s just say that PageFly works greatly with the mobile layout and, in some cases, better than the desktop.


How PageFly Works? Looking into the Onboarding Flow

Since shopify page builder PageFly is distributed through the Shopify app store, you can download it from there anytime! Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you get landed on the PageFly main dashboard directly. In case you are having a problem with that, they have a  little chat box right at the bottom left that says that they are online. As a matter of fact, they truly are online and will provide you instant support according to the most PageFly reviews.

On the left column of the window, you will notice the tools that will help you design or build the pages. On the right, there will be a mascot from the Changelog that will show you really useful information on the PageFly updates and releases if you click on it. Also, the main area will contain a video showing how you can create your first ever page with PageFly.

To create a page, you will have to click on the purple-colored “Create a Page” button and choose any of the pages from the six-page types it will show you. However, you might get confused about some of the options. Like there isn’t anything called a “Landing Page.” So, if you want to make one, you will have to choose the “Regular Page” option.  It all might seem confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it will be nothing!

After selecting your page, you can either choose an already made template or start from the ground with a blank page. However, PageFly does give you more than 50-page templates for different purposes. Building something new doesn’t seem worth in from of that, does it?

After that, you will be directed to the PageFly editor, and you can start creating your design with the drag and drop building blocks per our PageFly review!

Websites done by PageFly 

Lots of websites and landing pages done by PageFly. See Some of them are given below.



Round the clock customer support

Amongst tons of other interesting features offered by PageFly, 24/7 customer support is one of the best, according to our PageFly review. Regardless of your time zone, they are always there to help you with whatever problem you might be having. You can either contact them by email or for instant support, I prefer using the chatbox. Hope you like our honest review on pagefly review.


Customer Review

pagefly review

If you are someone like me, who relies a lot on honest customer reviews, then this part is for you. After going through the Pagefly reviews from different sources, I reached the conclusion that they have more than 1,550 five-star reviews and almost 30 one-star reviews, which are mostly from their beginning in 2017 when the app was a little buggy. You might think that the PageFly pricing has discouraged a lot of people, but in truth, most people seem to prefer the quality they offer over their high price.  However, PageFly is undoubtedly one of the most popular page builders you can find for Shopify.


Some of the drawbacks of PageFly:

Over the course of their journey since 2017, PageFly shopify page builder had to go through some drawbacks which might hold them back for a little bit, but in the end, they managed to get over it and improve themselves with a lot of PageFly reviews.

As I mentioned earlier, that app had some problems with its initial launch. But after that, they have been improving every year, and their popularity has reached a level higher than most other Shopify page builders.

Page Loading Speed: PageFly review

pagefly review

Generally, your website’s page speed will have a great impact on your sales or your store’s conversion rate. Besides, the page speed is also connected with the Bounce Rate, which technically refers to the number of visitors you get on your website who enter the site but leave without going to any other page.

If you think about this from your perspective, you will never like to enter a website that has a much slower speed. It will just annoy you. So, to make sure that your customers are not annoyed, PageFly provides great page loading speed optimization according to the most PageFly reviews. So, any page made with the PageFly comes with an excellent page speed that will keep your viewers interested.


Product page mobile and desktop score:

PageFly shopify page builder claims that they used a very simple demo store to make their templates, and their main aim was to minimize the speed load from the heavy code script from Shopify and other third-party apps.

According to a PageFly review, the app got a mobile score of 97 and a desktop score of 99! So, your customers can view as many products they like from the product page without getting annoyed with speed.


PageFly vs Shogun: Which One is Best?

In this article, we are doing a thorough PageFly review. PageFly and Shogun are some of the best Shopify page builders used. Although they have some similarities, there are a lot of factors different about PageFly vs shogun and to know which one is better, we have to look at it from a variety of options.


shopify page builder

Although both apps have excellent drag and drop blocks with a great variety of pre-made templates, Shogun is more intuitive than PageFly, according to the Pagefly review.


PageFly Analytics

Differentiating in terms of analytics seems to be a difficult job to do. Though PageFly doesn’t come with its own analytics, it offers a great correlation with Google Analytics. On the other hand, Shotgun has quite a good analytics option of its own.


PageFly Support

When it comes to customer support, I have to admit that both these page builders have amazing 24/7 customer support services for you, as I mentioned earlier in this shopify page builder PageFly review. So, can’t complain about any of them in this part!

So, basically, both their apps are great at their jobs, and they can be useful in totally different situations. Hence, comparing them and coming to a conclusion might not be the best idea.



So, as a page builder, PageFly is one of the best you can get. This PageFly review was to let you know about the amazing features they offer, and I hope I was successful in doing that. Hopefully, you can now decide more easily whether you want to use this app or not.


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